This happened long time back but it left a big impression on me. I always wanted to write about this so that people would know how goodness can come from anywhere, anytime, anyone…

One very hot summer afternoon, while returning from office I decided to buy some snacks to have with my tea. So I am standing in the food shop, waiting for my turn to get my samosas. As i look around, I notice five kids aging between 2 to 6 years on the other side. In such hot weather, i find them playing with each other. It looked like they were waiting for their parents. These kids belonged to very poor family, living on streets maybe. So mostly they were waiting for their parents to get them food.

Meanwhile, in the food shop it was my turn to buy samosas. All of a sudden i felt, maybe I should buy some samosas for the kids as well, as they must be hungry. So I buy some samosas for them and go across the street to give it to them.

As soon as I reach them, they group around me and I feel it was a good decision I got them some food. But the next thing that happened really surprised me.

I give the eldest kid, a girl the bag containing the samosas. She shows the bag containing samosas to the other kids, then tells something to them and starts packing it in her cloth bag. Very curiously I ask her are they all not hungry and why are they packing the samosas….

To this the girl replies that they will share the samosas with their parents. The whole family will eat them together. I am so blown away by the goodness of these small street kids. At such a small age they have learnt the quality of sharing with others. If the kids wanted they could have had the food all of themselves, instead they chose to share. Isn’t this an act of goodness, that too from such small children who themselves have so little in their lives.

Even today, every time I buy something i remember this incident. The concept of sharing is really important. The more we share, the more it will make somebody happy. Even a small thing shared is worth millions when you see the happiness the other person gets out of it. I really want to thank those kids for the lesson they gave me with their simple act of sharing…


A park for all

There is a park near my house. Every now and then I visit the park for my evening walk. More than walking it is about the atmosphere and the activities that happen there. People of all ages walking, jogging, exercising etc.. Other than this, on one corner you can find a small play area for kids where kids upto the age of 5 years play. They are accompanied by either of their parents or both of them. Its basically a family time for them. Then you will find older men sitting in circles and discussing latest issues, cracking jokes laughing etc.. Similarly you will find ladies in groups chatting happily, discussing television and food receipes. You will find young boys and girls in groups laughing, playing, teasing each other. Occasionally you will find people like me who simply sit and observe the activities around.

So many things go on in this park. It has been developed beautifully. Inside the park you will find a small gym, walking track, garden, plants all around, palm trees, a public toilet, benches for sitting, caretaker’s house, radio etc., at the entrance there is a murti of Lord ganesha and to this park you enter through a big gate. Outside you will find so many vehicles parked of people coming to the park, then you will find a panipuri guy, an ice cream guy and a balloon guy. Occasionally they even have health camps here.

People love this place. Though crowded, they get to meet people, have a chat and go back home refreshed. Now you must be thinking why I am writing all this in so much detail. I was just trying to give an idea how this park is an integral part of the lives of people around here.

This park is the efforts of one government engineer. He felt that what this area needed the most was a place to relax. He looked for the land, got various government approvals and sanctions, got the whole park developed and till date after retiring also looks after the maintenance (not financially but with his leadership) of the park. Even today I can see him guiding the caretaker about the things to be done at the park. Everyday he comes to park and people talk to him with so much respect.

Instead of park, he could have used that land for any other purpose but he decided to give back something to the society. The park entry is free for everyone. It has become a place of bonding with each other for the people. Taking a break from their mobiles and laptops, people spend good family time here.

Isn’t this an act of goodness on the part of that retired person??? He does motivate me to give something valuable back to the society. I am really thankful to him for giving us this park.

a treat for dogs….

While returning from the park one day in the evening I noticed a bunch of dogs on our street. It was very dark and I was bit worried about passing by the dogs. I was thinking it looks like the dogs are having a party today. That is when I noticed a guy feeding the dogs with biscuits. The next day I again noticed the same thing. So when I told my dad about it he said that yes that guy comes there each and every day at the same time and gives biscuits to dogs.

Wow!!! A simple guy on a cycle feeding the street dogs each day. Isn’t this an act of goodness??? He does it without any expectation in return.  It is surely a motivation for me to do small acts which will have a bigger impact.

So I will take this opportunity to thank that unknown person for teaching me simple act of kindness.

Starting my journey as a blogger….

This is my first blog and first post. I have always loved reading blogs but had never actually thought of writing one till some time back.

One of the reasons for starting this blog is to keep a personal journal of all the goodness I see around me. In our everyday lives we come across many good thoughts and actions but we don’t realise the importance of it.

I thought of making a note of all the goodness I notice around me which will further encourage me and others to do something good as well.

Another reason for starting this blog is I wanted to learn this art of writing. I wanted to learn to express what I see and feel in words…

Another reason is recently one of my friends started a blog. Her only purpose was to spread joy and positivity to everyone reading her blog. And when I started reading her blog I realised it really felt good. It encouraged people to dream and to be positive.  Her this action of trying to spread joy is an act of goodness. It taught me that if everybody does his or her share of spreading joy, there will be more people happy in the world….

And yes seeing her blog, I got encouraged to do my bit as well…. So yes her blog inspired me. She inspired me…. her act of goodness inspired me…