Starting my journey as a blogger….

This is my first blog and first post. I have always loved reading blogs but had never actually thought of writing one till some time back.

One of the reasons for starting this blog is to keep a personal journal of all the goodness I see around me. In our everyday lives we come across many good thoughts and actions but we don’t realise the importance of it.

I thought of making a note of all the goodness I notice around me which will further encourage me and others to do something good as well.

Another reason for starting this blog is I wanted to learn this art of writing. I wanted to learn to express what I see and feel in words…

Another reason is recently one of my friends started a blog. Her only purpose was to spread joy and positivity to everyone reading her blog. And when I started reading her blog I realised it really felt good. It encouraged people to dream and to be positive.  Her this action of trying to spread joy is an act of goodness. It taught me that if everybody does his or her share of spreading joy, there will be more people happy in the world….

And yes seeing her blog, I got encouraged to do my bit as well…. So yes her blog inspired me. She inspired me…. her act of goodness inspired me…


One thought on “Starting my journey as a blogger….

  1. gargi akolkar says:

    Congratulations..Awesome start as a blogger. Wish to hear more and more from you. Also thank you for thanking me…in fact you are the one who has encouraged me and guided me for starting a blog.👍


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