an act of goodness found in a play area of kids

Few days back after having a walk in the park, I was sitting on the bench and looking at the play area of kids. There was one merry-go-round thing which every kid liked. It was a small thing so the kids themselves were taking turns to turn it around.

I noticed that these kids were around 10-11 years of age. That’s when my cousin made her son of around 5 years sit on the merry-go-round. Then she left him alone there, so that he would play and talk with other kids and she sat at a distance watching him. The moment she left, I noticed that the elder kids took  his responsibility on them and started taking care that he sat correctly while they turned it around. They asked him to sit in a proper way as they turned it around. They even slowed down the speed for him.

Who gave the kids that instruction?? They on their own felt the need to take care of him. Isn’t this an act of goodness which these kids showed without being asked to do it?? This was not one incident. I noticed kids generally  were helping younger kids to play on the different play items by guiding them and taking care of them.

People say kids today don’t know anything but it’s not always true…. Sometimes we learn even the basic lessons from them.

If we all start taking care of each other then the world is definitely going to be a much better place.


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