A very happy friendships day to all my friends….

Today being a day of friends, I want to talk about two of my very special friends who went out of their way to help me and showed me what good friendships are…

Few years back, while studying for my course I had to take some coaching. This coaching was in another city and I wasn’t sure about going there on my own and taking it up. My friend, Nandita, who used to stay in that city, was in an advanced level of the same course. She encouraged me to go there and join the coaching. I stayed at her place and for a week or so she would take me to my classes, bring me back and then later during the day she would accompany me to look for a hostel for me to stay. She spent a lot of her study time helping me out. Finally we found a good place for me to stay. During my entire period of stay in that city she made sure I didn’t have any problems. Such an act of goodness still fills  my heart with love and gratitude for her and every other friend I have in my life.

During this same period of stay, I met a girl,  Sneha at the coaching centre and got to know that she stayed next to my place. On day one itself we became friends. She helped me in every possible way during that period either with her notes or her support or  her friendship. That was the first time I stayed away from my family and Sneha made sure I was comfortable. She introduced me to her friends there and in a short span I got to know few girls there. Helping somebody is an act of goodness but being a friend and a support to a stranger is definitely an act of goodness. What if each one of us gives this kind of friendship and support to somebody new in our class or office or family???  When somebody is new in a class, office or a family, they are nervous about how it is going to work out. Just imagine if we extend our support and friendship to them, how easy and  beautiful their life can turn out to be…

There have been many incidents in my life where all my friends have given me their love, support and friendship. I feel truly blessed to have them in my life. So here I thank all my friends for being a part of my life. It feels wonderful to have great friends in life


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