Honest self-assessment learnt…

It has been a while since I last wrote. Every now and then when I see good incidents I try to memorize them so that I can write about them here. But I have felt that generally whenever I notice some good action done, it automatically gets registered in my mind.

One such incident happened a couple of weeks back. It was time to clear the grasses and weeds and fertilise the trees and plants. So three to four workers came to work in our field. These people have been working with us since last many years. But every season when they come for work, their rates increase based on the market price of labour.

They generally use cow dung and some other plants to fertilise the trees and plants. On this particular day the cow dung was brought in a tempo from a nearby place. But when the tempo entered the field through the gate, its tyres got stuck in deep mud. These workers helped the tempo come out of the mud.  All this took them a lot of time which resulted in prolonged working hours.

So we decided to pay them extra on top of their labour charges. So three people were paid an extra of 100 Rs. per person and the main guy was paid  and extra of Rs.200. But the moment we gave him the 200, he returned Rs.100 back. He said the extra money of Rs.100 is sufficient for the work I have done.

At that moment I felt this is an act of goodness which needs to be mentioned here.  It is not just about the money he returned but also about the honest self-assessment he did.  He took exactly what he felt he deserved. He could have taken the whole of it but he didn’t do that.

I learnt the lesson of honest self-assessment from him that day. If we all could be so honest while assessing ourselves, wouldn’t it make matters easy for the society as a whole??? Honest self-assessments will lead to clear knowledge about where we stand in our area of work or life and accordingly we will have realistic expectations from our employers, family, society etc..


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