Being a helping hand…

A few days back I went to see my grandmother on her birthday. There were other close relatives who had come to wish her on her birthday and spend time with her. One such uncle who had come there is bit old and unhealthy. He has asthmatic trouble. As soon as he walks few steps, he gets extremely tired and struggles to get his breath back.

On that particular day, after the birthday lunch was over, we were leaving to go back home. So this uncle asked us to drop him midway at a particular point from where he needed to buy some medicines. When we reached the point, it started raining a bit heavily. As he was getting out of the car, the guy who was driving our car got out with an umbrella and held it out for my uncle. After that he went with my uncle to the medical shop. He helped uncle climb the steps and go to the shop. He was further going to help uncle get into an auto to go home when he noticed I was going along with my uncle. The moment he saw me, he asked whether I was going with my uncle. When I said yes, he said then it’s fine I will get back into the car and go with your parents for the work they need to do. After this he drove away with my parents and I went with my uncle.

Nobody asked this guy, who was driving our car, to take care of my uncle. He did it out of his own heart. I felt it is an act of goodness and decided to mention it here. So many small incidents occur every moment and they give so many big lessons.

Being a helping hand to others makes us feel really good. One small help each day is definitely going to make a difference in the life of many people.


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