Inspiring people….

Recently while traveling, I was busy surfing internet looking for something good to read. That’s when I came across this website called .

I started going through the articles. They were very interesting. They were full of positive news and different acts of goodness done by so many people across india.

This website interested me and so I started reading their  ‘about us’ column. They say that they started this website to inspire people, through positive and good articles, so that people start sharing, helping and doing collective good. Isn’t starting this website, to inspire and motivate people to do good, a small act of goodness?

I felt the need to mention it here because the more people are made aware that still lots of goodness exists in this world, the more people will be motivated to do good acts. There is nothing like small or big act of goodness… Example of such acts include helping somebody with their studies, helping elderly person in crossing the road, helping parents, or other things like helping keep society clean, giving food to needy etc… the list is endless. Any act done with good intention, however big or small, will have a positive impact on the individual,   family  and society as a whole. I am looking forward to doing good actions now and forever… Are u???


Going an extra mile…

Yesterday we had a trip to a city in Kerala. We went there to visit  my uncle and then to make a visit  to couple of temples.

My uncle asked us to go in his car as the driver knew the temples. The driver  took us to the two temples. Once those visits were over he told  us there is another good temple close by and asked us If we want to go there. We went to that  temple and could witness a beautiful puja being performed.

Instead of offering to do this extra trip, the driver could have gone  home early. Instead he decided to do this extra trip for us. Neither was he expecting anything in return for his efforts nor anybody would have questioned him for not taking us there. Isn’t this an act of goodness? Going an extra  mile  to make a person happy is an act of goodness I would love to inculcate. 

Being a witness…

I just got married  last week. Everything was done beautifully  well. I enjoyed  every moment of it.

After the wedding  was over, we had to go to the government  office to get our marriage registered and to get our marriage  certificate.

We couldn’t go on the same day. The next day being a holiday we went on the third day. Once we reached there, one guy guided us to the concerned  person.

When we met the official, he told  us that  we needed two witnesses  to sign. At that moment we could  arrange only for  one witness.  We were thinking  what to do when a guy who had come  there to get his own marriage registered agreed to be the second  witness. He gave his passport to us to get a copy. He had the guts  to trust  us at that moment of our need. He waited nearly  half hour for our paperwork  to be ready. Then he signed as our witness  in front of the  official.

Isn’t  this an act  of goodness? Agreeing  to help us even  when  we were not  known to him and then  patiently  waiting for the whole thing  to be done  properly. If we all could trust a little  like him, wouldn’t  that be of help to others around us?