Goodness of an auto guy…

A couple of months back, I was going to my uncle’s place. He stayed close-by and so I decided to take an auto. When I reached my uncle’s place and got off the auto I noticed that a phone was lying behind where I was sitting. I told the auto guy about it. He immediately took the phone and said somebody may have forgotten to take it.  Luckily the phone was not locked so he could make a call to the number from which there were many missed calls, which were probably made to track the phone. He took the address from the guy and told him that he will deliver the phone to him in half hour. If the auto guy wanted he could have ignored the phone lying in there or he could have waited till the call came back. But he understood the worry the owner will have and decided to call the person immediately.

I was really happy seeing the sense of responsibility the auto guy showed. This needs to be appreciated because he could have easily ignored calling the owner. In India, with so many autos going around, it is not possible to track the auto, in which you traveled last, unless you have the auto number which I doubt the owner, who forgot his phone, will have. So it is easy for the auto guys to not return the phone. Thus, it was definitely an act of goodness on his part to call and inform the owner about the phone.

After few days of this incident, again the same thing happened with my uncle’s phone, where he forgot to take his phone from the auto and the auto guy came back to return it. Wow!! two such incidents in a row made me feel the need to mention the good act here. Even otherwise, I have seen many such incidents of people forgetting their phones and the auto guys taking the effort of returning them. Many years back I have also seen incidents where the phones once lost were lost forever. So this is a welcome change in the mindset of people. This is how people become responsible citizens.

This may sound like a silly incident but still it is an act of goodness which cannot be ignored. And i believe small acts of goodness done encourage people to do further good things.



Few days back while talking to my friend about my blog and articles, she suggested that apart from what I see and read around me, I should also write about some good actions done by me in my life. I kept thinking whether it is a good idea as it might come across to some people as if I am praising myself. But then I thought…. every good act done by me or by anybody else deserves a praise as it is an encouragement to do more good. So I will mention a small incident which happened two-three days back.

My husband booked for me a spa treatment. Initially I wasn’t very happy about it and kept telling him that I didn’t want to go and that he shouldn’t be spending so much money. He got a bit upset and kept telling me that I should give it a try and that I would feel very good. So then I thought maybe I should actually try it and enjoy the pampering. I went for my appointment and not for once I regretted going there. Every moment in my mind I kept thanking my husband for the pampering I got there. That was such a wonderful act of goodness done by my husband. Wives love the pampering, love and care their husbands give them because it makes them feel wanted. It needn’t be spa but even if its something small, it means a lot for the woman in the relationship. But understanding this and doing things to make one’s wife feel loved is an act of goodness that I think every husband should try to do. And believe me the smile on your wife’s face will be worth the act done by you.

Once the treatment got over, the girl, doing the treatment, told me that I will make you wear your shoes or else your fingers will become dirty. I immediately refused and told her that I will put my shoes myself. She just smiled at me and left the place. Making me wear the shoes wasn’t her part of job but she still offered to do which shows her act of goodness. She didn’t mind making me wear my shoes and took it as a part of her job which not many people will be willing to do. But I couldn’t let her do it because I have a respect for her as a person which wouldn’t allow me to make her do it. If I couldn’t wear my shoes on my own because of some problem, then that would be a different story. But just so that my fingers don’t get dirty, I ask her to do it is something I would never do.

While I was wearing my shoes, I had a good feeling for treating somebody with respect. It made me feel happy. I certainly feel it is an act of goodness which we get to do so many times a day. In a day we come across so many people and so many times, either knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to forget to respect someone or the other. But if we are alert to such small things, then we certainly would have made atleast some people happy. You may think it is silly to think in this way but believe me such small acts give us immense pleasure. We feel as if we have achieved something in our life with just one small act. That smile the girl gave me made my day!!!

Creating wonderful persons…

I came across one article in the reader’s digest yesterday… It is about a boy called Shiva, who managed to complete his studies and start a successful career, and also about his mentor Mr.Krishna. When I was reading the article, I was surprised to find so many acts of goodness happening in there that i decided to write about it here.

  1. The first person to be named here is Krishna Vedavyasa who is Shiva’s mentor. He not only financed Shiva’s studies but also mentored him to reach his first job. This one-act of goodness has brought financial stability to one whole family of Shiva. By not making the young boy wash cars, he did the first act of goodness by respecting the fact that a young child shouldn’t be made to work. I think the best act of goodness done by him is in shaping Shiva’s personality – where Shiva now has the intention of helping students just like Mr.Krishna. So by doing this one help Mr.Krishna has created a good person out of Shiva. Again, Mr. Krishna did all this without expecting anything in return. Wow!!!
  2. The second person is Shiva’s mother who taught him a very good lesson that your enjoyment shouldn’t be dependent on other people’s money. We have to learn to enjoy within the limit of what we have. This lesson is an act of goodness because then we learn not to misuse the resources, other people have, for our benefit. After all those resources are hard-earned for those people as well.
  3. The third person is Shiva himself. First of all, when he asked for the fees, he told Mr.Krishna to check with his school. That shows the honesty of a young boy who had dreams and who was determined of fulfilling his dreams. Then he honestly worked hard and followed the path showed by Mr. Krishna. When he got the job after finishing his studies, his intention was to help students make their career. During the whole period of study, he took the responsibility of earning for his family as well. This is also an act of goodness.

So many small acts of goodness when put together create wonderful persons who look forward to further create such other wonderful persons. Really inspiring!!!

You must be thinking why I keep writing about the posts I read and why not about what I see around me in real. My intention is to write about any act of goodness I come across either in real or through what I read. Because we never know which act of goodness will inspire people to do good. When I read and write about such acts of goodness, they do affect me in a positive way and the next time when I come across any such situation my heart prompts me to do good as well.

So I think reading about good actions  will make us believe in the goodness around us and will inspire us to do good as well.

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