Creating wonderful persons…

I came across one article in the reader’s digest yesterday… It is about a boy called Shiva, who managed to complete his studies and start a successful career, and also about his mentor Mr.Krishna. When I was reading the article, I was surprised to find so many acts of goodness happening in there that i decided to write about it here.

  1. The first person to be named here is Krishna Vedavyasa who is Shiva’s mentor. He not only financed Shiva’s studies but also mentored him to reach his first job. This one-act of goodness has brought financial stability to one whole family of Shiva. By not making the young boy wash cars, he did the first act of goodness by respecting the fact that a young child shouldn’t be made to work. I think the best act of goodness done by him is in shaping Shiva’s personality – where Shiva now has the intention of helping students just like Mr.Krishna. So by doing this one help Mr.Krishna has created a good person out of Shiva. Again, Mr. Krishna did all this without expecting anything in return. Wow!!!
  2. The second person is Shiva’s mother who taught him a very good lesson that your enjoyment shouldn’t be dependent on other people’s money. We have to learn to enjoy within the limit of what we have. This lesson is an act of goodness because then we learn not to misuse the resources, other people have, for our benefit. After all those resources are hard-earned for those people as well.
  3. The third person is Shiva himself. First of all, when he asked for the fees, he told Mr.Krishna to check with his school. That shows the honesty of a young boy who had dreams and who was determined of fulfilling his dreams. Then he honestly worked hard and followed the path showed by Mr. Krishna. When he got the job after finishing his studies, his intention was to help students make their career. During the whole period of study, he took the responsibility of earning for his family as well. This is also an act of goodness.

So many small acts of goodness when put together create wonderful persons who look forward to further create such other wonderful persons. Really inspiring!!!

You must be thinking why I keep writing about the posts I read and why not about what I see around me in real. My intention is to write about any act of goodness I come across either in real or through what I read. Because we never know which act of goodness will inspire people to do good. When I read and write about such acts of goodness, they do affect me in a positive way and the next time when I come across any such situation my heart prompts me to do good as well.

So I think reading about good actions  will make us believe in the goodness around us and will inspire us to do good as well.

The link to the article is :

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