Goodness of an auto guy…

A couple of months back, I was going to my uncle’s place. He stayed close-by and so I decided to take an auto. When I reached my uncle’s place and got off the auto I noticed that a phone was lying behind where I was sitting. I told the auto guy about it. He immediately took the phone and said somebody may have forgotten to take it.  Luckily the phone was not locked so he could make a call to the number from which there were many missed calls, which were probably made to track the phone. He took the address from the guy and told him that he will deliver the phone to him in half hour. If the auto guy wanted he could have ignored the phone lying in there or he could have waited till the call came back. But he understood the worry the owner will have and decided to call the person immediately.

I was really happy seeing the sense of responsibility the auto guy showed. This needs to be appreciated because he could have easily ignored calling the owner. In India, with so many autos going around, it is not possible to track the auto, in which you traveled last, unless you have the auto number which I doubt the owner, who forgot his phone, will have. So it is easy for the auto guys to not return the phone. Thus, it was definitely an act of goodness on his part to call and inform the owner about the phone.

After few days of this incident, again the same thing happened with my uncle’s phone, where he forgot to take his phone from the auto and the auto guy came back to return it. Wow!! two such incidents in a row made me feel the need to mention the good act here. Even otherwise, I have seen many such incidents of people forgetting their phones and the auto guys taking the effort of returning them. Many years back I have also seen incidents where the phones once lost were lost forever. So this is a welcome change in the mindset of people. This is how people become responsible citizens.

This may sound like a silly incident but still it is an act of goodness which cannot be ignored. And i believe small acts of goodness done encourage people to do further good things.

3 thoughts on “Goodness of an auto guy…

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    This is not at all a silly incident by any means. Quite honest guys they were…if we have more such people around us, our country would become much better.

    Thanks for bringing it out over here!

    Liked by 1 person

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