Giving flowers

A couple of months back, during our trip to Thailand, we went for a dance show which showed the cultural heritage of Thailand.   After walking around the whole area, we were going to our seat for the show. Our seats were third and fourth in a row. In the first and second seat sat an old English couple. Just as we were sitting down they gave us a smile and continued looking at the stage.

The dance show started.  It was a beautiful show filled with love, dance, music and colors.  They were enacting a love story of a Prince.  During the show they threw flowers from top on all the guests. Going with the flow of the atmosphere, we also stood up to catch the flowers.  Both of us got one each extra which we gave to the old man sitting next to us. He gave one to his wife and took one for him.  He was so happy to get the flowers from us that he kept thanking us. We could see him smiling from ear to ear.  Later his wife also thanked us by putting her hand to her chest…  We felt really happy seeing their happiness more than getting the flowers ourselves. Making somebody happy is definitely an act of goodness which leaves you with a happy feeling as well. We didn’t give the flowers to them with the purpose of making them happy nor we knew this small act would make them so happy.  All this happened unintentionally but it made everyone happy.  This made me think about the number of times we, unintentionally, do good acts and never notice the feeling of happiness it gives us and others.

Why am I writing about this couple and the act here  is that the old elderly couple couldn’t talk. Even when they thanked us, it was just an action. But the action was so genuine that you could see the happiness in their eyes. Especially in the eyes of the husband when he could give the flower to his wife.  Later on we saw them talking to each other in sign language and that is when we knew they couldn’t talk and we realised that they actually hadn’t spoken one single word to us.  We don’t know whether they could hear anything or not. We felt they were here just to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the show. Thats when we learnt that a feeling of love and happiness needs no words… Its a universal language. Any person, in any part of the world can feel and understand it without any words being spoken.

Its such a wonderful feeling to see an old couple together like this. They must have experienced so many joys and sorrows together. And now the simple act of getting the flower made them so very happy. The way the old man made his wife happy with the flowers is definitely another act of goodness.

Many a times we do so many big things to make others happy. But most of the times, what people need are simple, small actions which make them feel loved and cared. This incident made the old elderly couple happy. This incident also made me and my husband happy. In the end when we were leaving the show they threw balloons from the top…  We again tried to collect few balloons and make somebody else happy…. 🙂

This is what I mean…. Once we do something good and see somebody happy we feel like doing more good and end up feeling happy ourselves.


Voluntary acts of goodness…

It has been some days since I lasted posted anything in here. But today, being Diwali, I wanted to wish you all a very happy Diwali and share with you a small incident I came across a few days back.

I was going to a hospital in a taxi with my husband. As we reached the place and were getting out, a guy came to hire the taxi. At the same time, two ladies from the opposite side were also coming towards this taxi. They didn’t see the guy already waiting for the taxi here but the guy saw them. As soon as the ladies reached the taxi, the guy asked them to take the taxi and he started looking for another one.

As soon as I saw this, I said to my husband that the guy has done such a good act. He didn’t need to do it but he did it on his own. It came so naturally to him. This is when my husband told me that this is a common sight here. People offering taxi to old people, women and children. And then I started looking around and found many such instances where people offered older people and women with children the taxi so that they don’t have to stand and wait. In-fact even before this whole thing came to my notice, I have seen even my husband do this few times. If he is not in a particular hurry, he would let older people or women take the taxi before him.

Wow!! Isn’t this an act of goodness shown by the people in a society?? That is what I have been talking about. One person does a good act, another one does a good act and slowly it becomes a chain of good acts and in this way people start doing such good acts as a normal part of their routine.

I appreciate the good acts done by these people and thank them for showing me another good act, which is done by not just one or two but by so many people around here that now it has become a part of their nature. This again increases my belief in the fact that there is a lot of goodness happening around me.