Maintaining relationships…

Another weekend just got over. Few days back we went for a walk in the evening. The weather was good and we were talking casually and enjoying our walk.  All of a sudden my husband asked me when one of our family friends was leaving for India. I wasn’t very sure about the date but I said somewhere around the 9th.  He had some other date in mind and so he got confused. When he took out his phone to call them up, I said there is no point in calling them as they must have already left. He still went ahead with the call and guess what…. they hadn’t left.  Not only had they not left on the 9th but they also had had some emergencies in their family… and all of this in a gap of one month since we last met. They were happy to get his call and talk to him. It made his relationship with them even stronger because they knew he cared about them. And what did it take to make them happy and to strengthen the relationship??? ….an intention to call them up and a phone call which took around 10 mins!  I feel ‘making this phone call’ was a simple act of goodness done by him.

I have noticed that my husband has this habit of keeping in touch with most of the people he knows. He may call them for few minutes and talk, but I think this is enough to build good relationships. He keeps in touch with them on a regular basis. And when does he do all this??? When walking down the road to some shop, while waiting for a meeting, while waiting for the food to arrive at a restaurant… So he doesn’t need to make an effort to create time to call people. He makes use of the time he spends waiting.

By keeping in touch with people, we are nurturing our relationship with them. Being in touch, sharing joys and sorrows and building emotional bonds will pave way to build healthier relationships among people thereby creating a very friendly society. Taking the effort to keep in touch with people is definitely an act of goodness which creates good, healthy relationships.


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