Being sensitive…

Wishing everybody a very happy new year…  I am sure you all welcomed year 2016 with a great new year party . I had a good time with my family as well… I am sure that this year  I am going to see and experience many small good acts, done by people in the normal course of their lives. I am not saying that any act of goodness is small… what I mean to say is that they are acts which are done, without putting in much efforts, in the normal course of life. But these acts are valuable to people who experience and benefit from these acts.

Few days back while making a 2 hour bus travel I had a chance to experience one such act of goodness done by a fellow passenger. I was a bit unwell during that trip. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, I started coughing. It just wouldn’t stop. It went on continously for few minutes. In the hurry to get into the bus, we  had forgotten to buy a bottle of water that day.  And this being an inter city bus, it wouldn’t stop anywhere. I was trying hard to stop coughing because I knew it was such a nuisance for my fellow passengers. All of a sudden, a lady sitting in front of me offered me a bottle of water.  I thanked her for the same but didn’t take the water as my cough  almost subsided by that time. It was such a good act on her part. If my coughing wouldn’t have stopped, that bottle of water would have been a blessing for me. From that moment I kept thinking about her being so sensitive  to my suffering and offering her help.  This is definitely an act of goodness, the true value of which only a person in need would know… 🙂

This is one act of goodness which I have seen people most commonly do everywhere. They are always ready with water and food to help people in need – be it a bottle of water or a packet of biscuits.  This sort of sharing and caring is one of the best qualities of our human community.


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