Magical increase in Platelet Count

Another wonderful article from my friend. This article really moved me… how a guy sought help from Gargi for the healthy recovery of his friend and how Gargi as usual prayed with a pure heart for his recovery. Both of them prayed here for the recovery of a third person, a friend. And their prayers along with the prayers of family worked.
And for me this is an act of goodness. A wonderful act. It is done out of pure love and concern by them. Thank you for writing this experience here. I am sure this will motivate many people to pray for their loved ones’ as well as others’ well-being.

Live your dreams

On 18th January 2016, I received an email from one of my readers seeking help for his friend who was hospitalized and was critical.  Here is an extract from the email:

“Hi Gargi,

My friend has been hospitalized since last Saturday 9th Jan 2016 because of Low Blood Platelet count. He is physically completely normal with no signs or symptoms of any disease. But, his Platelets are not increasing and it has been almost 10 days now. Doctor in the hospital also seems to be clueless. We are going for a second opinion tomorrow, but we are really really worried.
I have been reading your blogs and you have used the Universe powers to heal your near and dear ones.  Would you be able to help me and my friend? Can you try the power of universe to heal my dear Friend. I am looking every possible way to get…

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