Celebrations full of love and warmth

A couple of days back we had a birthday party to attend. The birthday boy had just turned 50 and so the family decided to give him a surprise party to celebrate the 50 years and to welcome the next 50 years of his life. They invited all the people, connected to him in one way or the other. Likewise, even we were invited.

We reached the venue around the said time and as we stood at the entrance, we noticed that few people had already arrived. As soon as we entered the party hall, the whole family – the birthday boy, his wife and both kids came over and gave us a warm hug. They welcomed us to the party. I had never met them before. But not for once I felt as if I was meeting them for the first time. They gave me a warm hug and welcomed me into the family. It was a very touching gesture for me.

After we both settled down with a glass of juice, my husband got busy talking to few people he knew. I, on the other hand, didn’t know anybody there and so I kept looking around the party hall. I noticed that every time a guest came through the entrance, the whole family went to the door to welcome them with a hug. I could feel the warmth and love they gave each and every guest. I also noticed that all the guests who came to the party were emotionally connected to the family in some way or the other. There were old photos being shown of the birthday boy with his friends, songs being sung, birthday wishes being sent from across the world by friends and family etc. One thing was sure that people loved being in their company. Throughout the party, they made sure to interact with each and every guest and made them feel special.

I feel that the love and warmth they generated and the way they made every person feel special throughout the party is an act of goodness. This kind of affection relieves people from any kind of stress and tension. It gives  them the courage to face the problems because they know they have people who care about them. We think that love and warmth are simple things but they are very powerful. They make people feel loved and cared and people love being loved and cared.

A party turning out to be a family affair, where everyone is connecting with each other with so much positivity is a very rare sight. So the moment I saw one such party, I decided to write about it here. I loved being a part of such a party.


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