Comfortable living

Hello everyone!!!

Long summer days are here to stay for few months in this part of the world. I have experienced hot summers in India as well but here the main difference is that wherever you go, you find Air Conditioners. Its only when you are coming out of your house or walking on the road that you feel the heat. Otherwise you are in the comfort of ACs everywhere. Once a person gets used to having such a comfortable life, he or she finds it difficult to go back to old ways. In my pre-AC days  I used to always feel why some people are so dependent on AC and why don’t they enjoy the natural weather during the short duration of their visit to their home town.  It’s not like they are born in the midst of all these comforts, then why?

Now I do understand their position.  Once we start using things which make our life and lifestyle easy and comfortable, going back to old methods is tough as now we know how comfortable life can be. It is only when we have experienced good things in life that we know how better life can get. No, I am not saying that I cannot live without AC anymore, I have just taken AC as an example. There are so many other things like mineral water, latest gadgets and kitchen equipments etc. One such other thing is “Facebook” or “Whatsapp” which has made communication so convenient. Communication and networking has increased with their use but meeting each other in person has reduced.

If we look around us, we find so many things that have come into our life and made our life more comfortable. They have improved our standard of living as well.  We should be thankful for all the wonderful creations that have made our living, a better experience. I am really thankful to be able to enjoy all these creations.

But once in a while, we should take the time also to appreciate our much simpler days when these creations did not exist but still we lived a good life, connected more with people around us and appreciated the natural environment and neighbourhood available to us.

I am enjoying all the beautiful and convenient creations coming up these days but I also want to be able enjoy the simpler days when I go back home… The natural weather conditions – be it hot or cold or a rainy day, the neighbourhood where I grew up, the children whose noise refuse to end till the time they go to sleep, the many family conversations, the elaborate food preparations made… The list is endless.


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