The world of blogs…

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Lucy’s Attic24

It was a couple of years back that I discovered the world of blogs. Before that, I had always heard about it but never took the time or the interest to read one. Then one day I discovered Lucy’s Attic24 and fell in love with the world of blogging.

Lucy’s blog talks about crochet ( a craft of making fabric using threads) and life in general in the city of Yorkshire Dales in England. I loved the simplicity, beauty and colours of her blog. For the first time I realised that a simple life can also be a beautiful one. 🙂 I used to wait for her writings and I started living the simple life with her. I started noticing simple things around me as well.

Another thing I love in her blog is crochet. I had learned the basics of crochet during my school days from my aunt. Then I lost touch with it. But with Lucy’s blog I rediscovered the art of crocheting. The way she created magic using crochet inspired me to take up the crochet hook again.

Through her blog I discovered colours…. so vibrant so colourful…😃 Every time I read her blog, I feel happy, positive and so full of life.

Thanks a lot Lucy for making me happy and positive!!!  I wanted to write about her blog here as it has helped me look at life in a very positive way. Maybe, just like me someday her blog will bring happiness and positivity in the life of another person…:)

You can check out her blog in the following link:

Have a beautiful day people!!!

P.S. The purpose of this post is not to promote any blog but to talk about people who in one way or another inspired me.