The world of blogs…

attic24 mosaic
Lucy’s Attic24

It was a couple of years back that I discovered the world of blogs. Before that, I had always heard about it but never took the time or the interest to read one. Then one day I discovered Lucy’s Attic24 and fell in love with the world of blogging.

Lucy’s blog talks about crochet ( a craft of making fabric using threads) and life in general in the city of Yorkshire Dales in England. I loved the simplicity, beauty and colours of her blog. For the first time I realised that a simple life can also be a beautiful one. 🙂 I used to wait for her writings and I started living the simple life with her. I started noticing simple things around me as well.

Another thing I love in her blog is crochet. I had learned the basics of crochet during my school days from my aunt. Then I lost touch with it. But with Lucy’s blog I rediscovered the art of crocheting. The way she created magic using crochet inspired me to take up the crochet hook again.

Through her blog I discovered colours…. so vibrant so colourful…😃 Every time I read her blog, I feel happy, positive and so full of life.

Thanks a lot Lucy for making me happy and positive!!!  I wanted to write about her blog here as it has helped me look at life in a very positive way. Maybe, just like me someday her blog will bring happiness and positivity in the life of another person…:)

You can check out her blog in the following link:

Have a beautiful day people!!!

P.S. The purpose of this post is not to promote any blog but to talk about people who in one way or another inspired me.

5 thoughts on “The world of blogs…

  1. Truly nice blog post Rashmi. I would say not some time but her blog would be spreading positivity and love to the people everyday. Thanks for sharing this post. One more suggestion, you can inform Lucy through messaging or commenting on her blog post that how wonderful your life has become through her blogs and so as a token of appreciation you have expressed gratitude for her and her work through this post. You can append a link to this post on her blog. This will be only to inform her about what positive change her blog has made in your life. One of my blog readers who is also a blogger had done the same thing and when I saw appreciation about my work and how my work has inspired her with positivity, on her blog, I was very happy. It really encouraged me to do more and more good work.


  2. Good Morning!
    What a lovely treat to come here and read your kind words, thank you so much, my heart is happy!
    I read this once – “Enjoy the Little Things in life, beacuase one day you will look back and realise they were the Big Things”, so true – we only have one life, every second is a blessing.
    Sending lots of love to you,


  3. Wow!!! I am so happy to get a message from you… You just made my day Lucy… You are absolutely right about enjoying the little things in life. Its only after reading your blog that I started looking at the world around me with that perspective and started enjoying it…. And yes… I love the colours you use. They just brighten up my day. Thank you once again… The profile picture I put in here is my attempt to make a crochet sun from one of your creations… 🙂
    Lots of love Lucy…


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