Appreciating small good acts…

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything here. Hope you all have been doing good.

The other day  when we went to a restaurant along with some of our guests, the waiter brought us our bottles of mineral water. He asked us if we wanted it to be served to which we replied that we would do it ourselves. Once the waiter was gone, my husband opened the bottle and started filling in all the glasses around the table.

This is one quality that I have always noticed in him. Whenever we go to a restaurant, as soon as the waiter leaves the bottle at our table, my husband will take the bottle and fill both our glasses. This act of serving water is done by him even when he is invited as guest elsewhere by  which I mean to say that he does it entirely out of his habit not because he is the host. This act of serving is not just limited to water but also to other dishes at times.

And every time I notice him doing this, I decide that I am going to write about it here because for me it is an act of goodness which I learnt from him. Again the fact that not being shy to do these things in front of guests is another good thing that I have observed in him. This makes him a real sensitive person – one who is not worried about what anybody else will think. It is his way of taking caring of the people with him.

I know you may be wondering why I am writing about such silly things here praising my husband. Well as I always say whenever I notice small acts of goodness around me, I make it a point to write about it here for all of us to get inspired to do such good acts and if we are in the habit of doing such good acts, then we appreciate ourselves for the same. Many a times we spend our entire lifetime appreciating others but forgetting to appreciate all the good things that we ourselves have done in the entire lifespan…

Lots of love to you all!!!



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