Book Review – Fire your imagination by Gargi Akolkar

Hello friends,

It has been a long time since I last posted anything here. I have a few ideas, going on in my head, on which I am working and hope to be able to figure them out soon.  I also hope to be able to write more frequently in the coming months.

My very good friend, Gargi published her debut book “FIRE YOUR IMAGINATION with Power & Passion” on the 14th February this year. Being a friend of hers, I got a free copy to read. (Love having such friends!!! ;))

The book has been written wonderfully. The language is simple and clear. This book explains the topics in a concise manner and helps to implement the same into our daily lives. The real life experiences, mentioned in the book, help in understanding the concepts very clearly and makes them very easy to implement. She has also given the ways in which the important areas of our lives, like health, money, career, relationships etc…, can be improved. My most favourite chapter is on GRATITUDE. This is something I had been wanting to do regularly since a long time and so when I came across this chapter in her book, I immediately started following the steps, given by her, to have a life full of gratitude and love.

There are many books available in the market regarding the Law of Attraction (LOA), visualisation, manifestation, gratitude etc… and all of them are really wonderful. But if you want to pick up just one book to make a beginning into improving your life, you can start with this book.  It covers all the topics relating to LOA starting with what is LOA, the science behind the same, the tools for implementing LOA into our lives, the ways in which they can be implemented, the real life examples etc…  in a logical sequence.

I have already read the book a couple of times and I really loved it. I was already expecting the book to be good as I know Gargi to be a person who puts her soul into anything she does. She has a wonderful knack of understanding a topic, implementing the same in her life and coming up with real life experiences. I have been talking to her throughout her writing phase and I  know that she wanted to write a concise book on LOA, running into hundred odd pages, which was like a ready reference for anybody who wants to read, reread and implement LOA, visualisation, gratitude etc… in their life.

The link to buy the book is :

Enjoy Reading!!!


P.s. This is neither a paid review nor do I earn a commission when you buy the book.

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