learning experience…

Hello Friends,

It feels good to be back blogging. I am an irregular blogger and so every time I blog I feel a sense of satisfaction. I have stopped promising to be a regular blogger but I intend to write about things that make me feel good and will definitely make a small difference in the life of people who read my blog posts.

Last couple of months I had been down with an illness.  I rested and recovered completely from it. It is always said that from every negative situation we learn a positive lesson. So one day I sat thinking about those two months of illness and the lessons I learnt from it. There were many lessons that came to my mind and I began to list them down as under:

  1. I learnt to be grateful for my healthy body and mind. I realised the importance of the good health I had before the illness and thanked God for the same.
  2. I learnt to let go worries and stress as they are the root cause of any illness. Instead I began to look past them into a positive future.
  3. I thanked God for the valuable time I got to spend with my family. So many times we end up being busy not giving enough time to the people who love us the most. So I decided to use these two months to be with my family.
  4. I learnt to have simple food. Eating simple food relaxed my mind. I felt free from cravings for fast food. I could feel my body relax with the simple food.
  5. I learnt the importance of home-made food which is full of love and care of the person making it. As they say, food made with love fills not only our stomachs but also our hearts.
  6. I learnt the importance of water. The only cure for my illness was water. I felt so relaxed when I heard the cure. That day I realised the importance of water in our body.
  7. I decided to stay positive no matter what. It helped me have a calm and peaceful recovery.
  8. I learnt to listen to my body. I could understand what my body was accepting and what it wasn’t accepting. Understanding what our body says is very important to know whether what we are doing is right or wrong for the body.
  9. I read good books, heard music and even tried pursuing my hobby.  They kept me engaged and taught me new things.
  10. Instead of worrying about diseases that may affect my body in future, I thank God for the healthy body I have now and started taking care of my body.
  11. We heal faster when we have people who genuinely love and care for us. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life who made me their priority and took care of me. I thank them for all their love which filled me with love for them and my own self.
  12. I knew about The Power of Prayer but this illness just confirmed it and made me understand the power of God / Universe. If we have complete faith in God and in our well-being, no power in the world can harm us.

The list is endless if I sit to think about all the good things I got from this illness. It changed my perspective towards life and made me a more positive person.

I decided to write this post because I am sure many people who have recovered from some illness in their lives have experienced many of the things I have written about here. I want everybody to stay healthy always, but if somebody is sick out there, I want to assure them that it will pass and the result will be a “Healthy You“.


Stay healthy!!!


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