A hot cup of tea and some goodness

Hi friends,

Three years back, I started this blog with some acts of goodness that I came across in my daily life. They made me happy but often went unappreciated for the lessons they taught. But the day I learnt to observe and appreciate everything around me, these small acts became valuable lessons for me.  I realized that any good act, big or small, teaches us something good and makes us a better person.

After a long time, today I decided to share another such experience I had.

One morning we woke up early and had our usual cup of tea.  But since it was very early, after some time we both wanted to have another cup and so I started boiling water for the same.  Just as the water started boiling, the gas got over.  Now if we wanted to have tea, we had to order the gas bottle first.  We usually ordered our gas bottle at a grocery store below our building and it got delivered immediately. But that day it was still morning and so we had to wait for the delivery guy to come before it could be delivered.

We desperately wanted to have our tea and started thinking of a way to have it. Then my husband  decided to try his luck; he called the guy sitting at the counter and asked him if the gas bottle could be delivered immediately.  The guy thought about it for some time and said let me try.

In less than ten minutes the door bell rang and the guy sitting at the counter himself delivered the gas bottle. We were very happy. We thanked him and my husband gave him a small reward as an appreciation for his help. He did not have to do that for us.  He knew my husband well and so he helped us out.

This may seem like a small incident but it made our day.  Even a small help done by somebody sets our day into a positive motion because we experience the goodness of a soul.  In return, being grateful for the efforts and giving a small reward will make his day as well.  It will encourage him to do more good.

I am grateful to the guy not only for the cup of tea but also for the positive beginning to a wonderful day.

Be good,



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