Exercising from a young age

Hi friends,

Summer has started in this part of the world.  So it is very important that we finish our walks in the early morning before the sun gets too hot.  On one such walk, I came across this incident which motivated me and I thought would motivate you as well.

I like going for long walks.  We go for our walks either in the early morning at the park or in the evenings exploring the city.  I am very irregular with my morning walks and so whenever I go to the park I get to experience new people and surroundings.

Some time back I was at the park in the early morning for my walk. There were many people – some were walking, some exercising, some were playing basketball and some were meditating in the fresh air.  The sun had just risen, there was a cool breeze blowing and the plants in the park were being watered. Overall, it felt beautiful and fresh.

I was doing my usual rounds of walk.  There was a lady in front of me who was walking at a steady pace. She seemed regular at it because she had great stamina and was continuously walking. As I was finishing one of my rounds I noticed her sitting at a bench after her walk.  She had a young boy with her. The boy must be around seven or eight years of age.  They were sitting and chatting.

I went past them and finished that round before I reached their bench again. This time I noticed that the lady was teaching her son the importance of exercising.  She was also teaching him various exercises and making him do the same.  The little boy was full of energy and following her instructions. As I finished my round and came near their bench again, I saw them both exercising together.

What a sight it was!! I was so impressed seeing the mother give her son the most valuable lesson of his life.

Exercising is the most important habit in the life of a person, just like prayer.  It molds the character of a person.  It is very important to inculcate the habit of exercising from a very young age so that our body remains fit and healthy.  It not only keeps our body healthy but it brings a discipline into our life.  I felt that this was an act of goodness on the part of the lady as this habit would stay with him forever.

All parents inculcate such basic habits into their children, educate them about the basic lessons of life to make them better persons and encourage and motivate them to be successful.  By writing about this act of goodness here, I want to appreciate each and every parent and thank them for all the valuable lessons they give to their children.

Personally, I was motivated to exercise regularly and be an inspiration for my future generation and others.

Stay healthy!! Stay happy!!


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