New series – thoughts for the week

Hi friends,

Recently, I started a new series called “thought for the week”.  I am a huge fan of these powerful one-liners for the lessons they carry.  I always find them relevant to one or the other situation or experience of my life and so I always feel connected to them. They give me a different perspective on the lessons from my life experiences and I learn the positive way of looking at the lessons.  I feel assured about my journey towards my goals when I read these quotes because I know somebody before me has experienced similar situation and come out successful in life.

“Thought of the day” or “quotes”  are powerful one liners quoted or written by successful people based on their life experiences.  They contain powerful life lessons.  Those great people never quoted or wrote such things with the intention of making them famous.  The “ideas” in those quotes were the lessons they had learned from their various life experiences and they shared these lessons with others through their speeches and writings.  But as time passed, people realized the  importance of those words and made them popular.

There are so many quotes on life, love, relationships, self-development etc.  Many quotes give the same lesson but they are said or written using different words or expressions. That is because they are ideas coming from different individuals based on their life experiences. Though these quotes come from different sources with different life experiences (different journeys undertaken), they give the same lessons of life (they reach the same destination). The idea is the same but the path to reach there is different for every individual.  Similarly,  a particular quote may affect me more than it affects you, but the lesson it gives will be the same.  So the important point here is to take the lesson from these quotes and believe that people before u have lived and experienced them.

Let me tell you my story (as usual) about how I started reading these quotes and how they started motivating me. During our school days, we used to write “thought for the day” on the blackboard. We used to look for and collect such quotes to write on the blackboard. But I never paid any attention to the intensity of the words said by those great people. As a young kid, I felt those ideas were for grown-ups only.

Years passed and I grew up, both in age and life experiences. I had many questions, based on my experiences, and they  frustrated me. I had to get answers. Accidentally, I started reading self-help books around this time. Maybe the quote “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” was the explanation to how I came across the self-help books and started reading and understanding them. I got answers to many of my questions. I was learning from invisible gurus, whose only identity for me were their name and the body of work they did, and still they sounded so true.

In those self-help books I came across lines that were powerful and held great meaning for me. I started writing them down.  Apart from this, I also subscribed to few newsletters and found a new thought in the beginning of each day or week. I found them important because they set my thoughts in motion and motivated me.

Last month while reading few such quotes, I felt the need to start this series on my blog as I wanted my friends to read them as well.  These quotes have helped me stay motivated many times.  If you don’t have time or resources to read books written by great people, try to read these powerful quotes because they usually contain “the essence” of all those great books and speeches ever written and said.

I want to help everybody stay happy and motivated. I want everybody to believe in themselves no matter what their current life situation is. This is my motivation to start the series and I have been encouraged to continue this series with all the appreciation I have been getting on my “thought for the week” series.

From all the quotes that I have read, one quote that is close to my heart is:

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coelho

This quote has always made me dream and hold on to it when everything else was tough.

Keep reading and learning!!!



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