Thank and grow rich

Hi friends,

Hope the week is going good for you all.  Today, I want to review a wonderful book I read recently.  It is “Thank & Grow Rich” by Pam Grout.


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In December last year while browsing through the books in a bookshop my eyes fell on this book. I had been wanting to buy and read E-Squared and E-Cubed (by the same author) for some time and so when I saw this book, I immediately bought it.

From December till June, it lay on my bookshelf, not because I wasn’t interested in it but because I didn’t want to read and finish it.  I was enjoying the feeling of going to read the book. Finally this week I decided to read the book. I read it in one full day as I was hooked to it from the very beginning.

The book basically talks about  30 days experiment in giving gratitude and enjoying the feeling.  I absolutely loved the book.  I started few practices as well and plan to continue with them.

When I started reading the book, I was curious to know what I was going to learn from the book.  But during the reading and by the time I finished reading the book, I was in a complete joyous state.  What a wonderful feeling that was!!

I felt like I was floating in a joy cloud for those two days and even after the book ended.  I learnt the benefits of gratitude and different ways in which gratitude could be practiced.  I also loved the joyous state she created with her writing.

I definitely plan to do all the experiments and enjoy the feeling of joy.  I didn’t want to wait till I did all the experiments to write about the book because I wanted to write how much joyful I felt just by reading the book.  So if your intention is not to undertake any experiment, still I suggest to read the book as it will fill you with joy, hope and happiness.  You will automatically feel grateful to Pam and everything around you. You will also understand what being in complete joy means just by reading the book.  I wanted to write about the book here because I enjoyed the state of joy I experienced just by reading the book.

With Love and Gratitude,


P.s. No paid promotions. I write reviews of books that motivate and inspire me.

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