Journey and destination

Hi friends,

How are you all?  How is the weather in your part of the world? I am in the beginning of a hot summer season. I am really enjoying my writing phase as I am able to put my thoughts into words.

Few days back,  I read a wonderful poetry by Pat Cegan titled “No Destination”. The lines were as follows.

“What if there is no
destination, only the
journey endlessly repeating
and varied only by change?
Would your decisions be
different, your nows chosen
with care, or would you still
float adrift battered by
passing storms and crashing waves?”

I even commented on her blog post asking “But if we don’t have a destination, what is the fun of undertaking a journey in the first place?”

Later on, the poem really got me thinking about journeys and destinations. I realized that, from the moment we come on to this earth, we start our journey called life. We undertake so many journeys in our lifetime. Not all journeys are planned. Some have planned destinations called goals while some lead us to unplanned destinations.

Journeys and destinations are like the two sides of the same coin.  The moment we begin a journey, we have a destination – be it physical destination or goal (to achieve something in life, to travel and see places, to create wealth and so on) or an emotional (intangible – something that cannot be seen but only felt) destination.

The emotional destinations are mostly unplanned, because we experience them during the course of the journeys, that we undertake.  For example, I like going for long walks when I am stressed. I may not have a physical destination of where I am going but I do have an emotional destination (of being calm and peaceful) where I reach.

Another example is of me having a physical goal of buying a house. The whole journey starts with the idea of buying the house, planning the type of house, the fund availability, the city, the area, etc. to actually buying the house. This not only leads me to my physical destination of buying the house but the whole process (journey) also gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction which is my emotional destination by the time I buy the house and so I end up being emotionally attached to my house.

We, humans pay more attention to our physical destination and so we think that if we don’t have a physical destination we are just floating and going on with our life.  But even when floating, we are actually undertaking a journey, which will take us to an unknown destination.  How many times has it happened that we go to a Shopping Mall just to pass time and end up meeting an old friend, recollecting old memories?  Do try to remember the sheer joy we feel long after we have returned home.  Though it was not planned, we ended up feeling happy and satisfied.

In everything we do, with a physical destination in mind or not, we are reaching somewhere. We are either learning a new lesson or experiencing a particular emotion which ultimately makes us grow.  So we do reach somewhere – a place that makes us feel. Journeys undertaken with or without destinations have their own learning element.  All the lessons learnt and the emotions experienced will prepare us to start our big planned journey towards a known destination – our purpose.

When I started blogging, I didn’t have any destination – I just wanted to write whatever I learnt. Back then, I didn’t know if anybody would read my blog or not, but still, I started my journey of writing and it lead me to an emotional destination called satisfaction – satisfaction of – being able to write, that I had a lot of ideas to write about, that I could make a difference, that people appreciated my writing and so many other things. Who knows what this journey has in store for me? But at the moment, I am enjoying the process.

Not all journeys in life are planned.  We, with our limited vision cannot plan more than what God has planned for us.  That is why, we sometimes  undertake a journey, without any destination, but with full faith and belief that the destination will unfold itself in the due course of time. And when the destination unfolds, who knows what treasure is in store for us?






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