A cup of coffee with a difference

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are doing really good!!

Recently, I came across a wonderful video on my Whats-app.  It made me feel so positive and filled me with love and gratitude.  I am sure many of you may have already seen the video before but I still wanted to write about it here because I loved the concept.

On reading about this, I got to know that it began in the cafes of Naples where a person, who experienced good luck, would order a caffe sospeso.  This person would then pay the price for two coffees, consume only one and leave the extra cup of coffee for somebody in need. Later, a needy person would enquire whether a caffe sospeso (Italian for suspended coffee) or pending coffee  was available and would then be served a coffee for free.

Wow what a unique concept!  I can feel the excitement when somebody orders a suspended coffee knowing that a fellow human being has done this for him.

Can you believe the goodness of the people?  Paying for a cup of coffee for somebody else is the least of all the help that we can do for a person, who is in need. It may not solve all their problems but it definitely gives them warmth on a cold winter night – not only warmth of a hot coffee but also  the warmth of the person paying for it. It makes them believe in the goodness of humanity.   It makes them believe that they are still wanted, that somebody does care about them and this makes survival a less difficult for them.

So what benefit does it do to the person paying for it?  They do it out of love and so it fills them with utmost happiness.  It is their way of showing gratitude for all that they have been blessed with.  Just look at the magic a suspended coffee brings into the life of all involved including the cafe, where the energy of abundance is at its highest!

I have heard a similar concept before about a restaurant in India but I don’t remember much details about the same.   So when I saw this video, I really felt like writing about it here.  It is an act of goodness on the part of everyone involved including the person ordering the suspended coffee because he is thankful for the same.

 It fills me with immense love and joy when I read, hear and watch such positive stories.  There is so much goodness happening in the world around us.  It is important to talk about such good things happening because people need to believe in being good with each other for a better future of the world.

You can read more about it in the link below:




P.s. Source of Information is Wikipedia and the video link is from YouTube. 

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