I got a unique gift…

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? I am enjoying a hot summer season here. Recently, I have been reading different bloggers and enjoying their writings a lot. I hope you are also reading a bit (of anything that interests you) every single day.

Today, I have decided to write about a unique birthday gift I received, a long time ago, which is very special for me even today.

Birthdays are special for every one of us. Some celebrate it with parties and gifts while some celebrate it with a wonderful dinner at home.  I usually celebrate it at home with family and receive gifts from them.

On one such birthday, after breakfast, I casually opened my E-mail account and found an E-mail from an organization called “Grow Trees” wishing me on my birthday which included a gift certificate. The certificate stated that my very good friend, Gargi had planted a tree in my name to mark my birthday.

The E-mail just blew me off.  I felt so so good.  It was such a unique gift. I had never received such a gift in my life. At our age back then, we would usually gift material items like a perfume, a dress or a similar item but never a tree. The idea, of gifting a tree, felt new and refreshing to me.

Around that time, our friendship was growing stronger with each passing day –  we were sharing our life stories and connecting with each other. But this one gift just changed the dynamics of our friendship. At that moment, I realised that our friendship was for keeps and that I didn’t want to lose a genuine friend like her.

You may think – whats so great about the gift? One tree is hardly going to make any difference. But still – it does make a difference. The prayer she sent along with the planting of the tree is what matters. So genuine so pure.

I called her up to thank for the wonderful surprise and asked her how she got this idea. She said that she had been working with the said organisation on a short audit assignment and had found their work to be genuine and  honest. They actually planted those trees and looked after them as well. So when she decided to give me a gift, she got inspired with this idea. For me, the way she thought was what mattered the most.

So with this one gift,  I get a wonderful friend, I get a tree planted in my name and above all the simple act of planting a tree and saving Mother Earth…. a win-win for everybody I say. What do you think?

Looking at our world population, if one tree is gifted to one individual, imagine the impact it can have on Mother Earth! Individually, one tree planted looks small but collectively, it can save our wildlife and Mother Earth, for,

“Everything starts with one step, or one brick, or one word or one day.”

Jeremy Gilley.

Don’t ever miss a chance to plant a tree and send a prayer to your loved ones!



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