Help from everywhere!

Hi friends,

How are you all doing?  Today I want to write one more post about the Kerala floods.  I know it is like stretching the calamity but even after writing those posts, there were so many more good things to be written about.


image taken from google

In last two posts, I wrote about the Kerala floods and how the Military, the locals and the fishermen came together to rescue people from their homes, in the interiors of Kerala.

Here I write about few other good things done by volunteers to help people in need.

After the initial rescue operations, people were put in camps and the volunteers came together to give them medical aid, prepare food and serve them. Though it was not the time to celebrate, still, they made small special meals for the Onam festival to uplift the moods of those in camps.

Free medical camps and facilities were set up to prevent the spread of any epidemic and to treat the injured.

The locals of each area decided to help people clean their homes as the houses were full of mud and it was not possible to clean up all by themselves.

The whole of India, NRIs from all over and many countries of the world  came together to provide the basic necessities like food, water, clothes and funds.

In between all these news, I saw students and professors of a particular college hold camps – camps where people could take their electronic items and get them repaired for free. What an idea! It came as a help for people who lost everything due to the floods. The students said that they could use their knowledge to help and in return they could also get some hands on experience. What a wonderful internship!  What better way to feel satisfied about being able to help people with their knowledge!

These (and many more) are all examples of what humanity can do collectively when faced with a tough situation, life throws at us.

I know, every time a calamity has happened, anywhere in the world, humanity has come together to rebuild their city, state, country and the world at large.



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