Black pens please!

Dear friends,

How are you all doing?  I know that for some time now I have been writing mostly about the good acts that I come across.  I enjoy writing about them a lot as they keep me in a positive space for the rest of my day and motivate me to look for more.

One such experience I had last year. I was taking a written exam. We all very studying till the last moment. Then the bell rang and we entered our exam hall. We went to our respective seat numbers, wished each other best luck and waited for the paper.

Just before we got the paper, few additional instructions were read out. One of them was that we had to write the entire exam with a black pen. Oops! How did I miss that instruction?


I panicked. I didn’t know what to do as there was no stationery shop near the exam hall. As I looked around, I noticed few other students also worried about the same thing. Then one of us informed the supervisor about the issue. The supervisor asked the administration guy, working there, to get some new black pens from their stock. But that was going to take some time and the exam was about to start in 5 mins.

Just then, all our fellow students who had extra black pens shared them with us. We all felt so relieved and grateful. They did it knowing the stress that we were going through. Nobody had asked them to help us. Even the supervisor hadn’t asked them to share their extra pens with us but each one of them helped us with a pen and brought us out of our panic situation.

This is a small act of goodness, but ask somebody, sitting in that exam hall with no pen, the value of this act.

The thing with such experiences are that they remain fresh in our memory for a long time.  They are small experiences but small things always add up to make something big and unique.  For example,  if you help somebody in need with ten rupees, the amount may not be much but the happiness on their face will satisfy you and motivate you to help out more (thus becoming something big eventually).

Keep Helping!



4 thoughts on “Black pens please!

  1. gargi akolkar says:

    Give credit to you too…its because what goes around comes around. When you help people, you get the help in return when you need it. So its your act of goodness that comes to you back in the form of help from others. So its really good to appreciate others for their act of goodness and also always remember to give yourself credit for the help that you do for others. Universe always believes in giving and then receiving. So when you receive something, remember you have given it earlier and now you are receiving it:-)


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