Year 2016 – at a glance

Dear friends,

How are you all doing? Hope you all have enjoyed some of my previous posts from the Year 2015 blog post.  I enjoyed making a list of the blog posts as I felt good reading them once again.


Today, I  am sharing the list of all blog posts for the year 2016.  There was not much action in 2016. That was the year when I had my doubts about whether to continue blogging or not as I felt that I had nothing new to offer my readers.

The list is as follows:

  1. Being sensitive to how others feel – I had an experience where my fellow traveler helped me out.
  2. Celebrations full of love and warmth – all about a lovely couple who threw a party to celebrate the birthday of the man of the house and how it made us feel at home.
  3. In loving memory –  I wrote this in the memory of my dear uncle from whom I have learned a lot on love, giving and so much more.
  4. Changes – A post wherein I decided to broaden my blog posts to everything that I was learning.
  5. Comfortable living – We use so many things and facilities in our lives that make our lives comfortable and easy.  But every now and then simple life without them also make us feel good.
  6. Never ignore the advice given by elders – a small example to show how to respect the advice given by elders because they know it all through their experiences.
  7. The world of blogs – I was introduced to the world of blogs through this one blog mentioned.
  8. Appreciating small good acts – I appreciate a good act done by my husband.

Hope you enjoy this collection of posts.  Please feel free to read the posts and let me know your thoughts on the same.



p.s. The image is taken from Pixabay.

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