Year 2017 – at a glance

Hi friends,

year 2017

Hope you all are doing good. Today I continue with the 2017 list of all the posts. I hope you have discovered some wonderful stories from 2015 and 2016 lists.

The year 2017 for you:

  1. The year 2017 begins
  2. Creativity
  3. The life positive magazine – a review
  4. Tipping to help – an act of goodness that inspires you.
  5. Love – a book review
  6. Thought for the week – on a dream
  7. Thought for the week – on wanting something
  8. Book review – Fire Your Imagination by Gargi Akolkar
  9. Thirsty dog – how a lady cared for a dog
  10. Guru Purnima – a tribute to my Guru
  11. “Everything ok?” he asked – a simple humanity that touched our heart.

Please feel free to read the posts that interest you and do let me know your thoughts on the same.




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