Did I use my diary?

Hi friends, How are you all doing? The month of January is almost over and I am sure you all have got into practicing your newly formed habits just like me. As I said before, I have decided to be consistent in everything I do this year. Anyways, last year I wrote a post about … Continue reading Did I use my diary?


Thought for the week – view your life as

"I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It's all a question of how I view my life." - Paulo Coelho I see treasure, what do you see?     p.s. Image created using Canva

Kill Them With Kindness — Tin Tin’s Thoughts

Although being kind is subjective, there is, in general, substantial overlap between everyone’s definition. I will be giving my definition of kindness throughout this article. Being nice is one of the three main attributes to social success. When I think about why I enjoy being around other people, one of the attributes I consider is […] … Continue reading Kill Them With Kindness — Tin Tin’s Thoughts

Be Kind; You’re Worth It — Changing my Mindset

I enter the warm car on this cold morning, sit on the heated seat, notice that the front and back windshields are clear and defrosted, lean back, sigh and feel gratitude. This is a ritual I experience most winter weekday mornings. Starting my drive off so nicely each morning helps me to be more patient […] … Continue reading Be Kind; You’re Worth It — Changing my Mindset