Happy New Year!

Hi friends,


A very happy New Year to you, my dear friends!

How are you all doing? I know you all must be looking forward to starting this New Year with hopes, dreams and plans. There will be many resolutions made for the new year.

I also thought about making some New Year resolutions like reaching my ideal weight, growing my blog, learning something new, eating healthy, meditating, exercising and so.  But some of these are the resolutions that I have been trying to achieve since last few years but  have not been successful. Why?

The one and only one reason is lack of consistency.  I have never been consistent with anything.  I tend to get bored with a routine and end up not being consistent.  I admit that this has been a reason for some failures in my life.

I have heard and read many times that Consistency is the key. It is very important to be consistent with something to make it a habit. Only by being consistent can we see results.

Now, I plan to be consistent in everything I do and grow one step at a time.

So the theme for Year 2019 is being consistent.  I plan to have only one resolution this year and that is to be consistent.

What is your one Resolution for the Year 2019?




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