Being alert

Dear friends,

How are you all doing? I hope you are learning something new, every day, and leading a better life with each passing day.

Recently we came back from a wonderful trip to India. We had lots of family time, celebrations and travels to the beautiful countryside of our small home-town. The greenery around me made me feel so fresh and alive that I kept craving to see them again and again.


On one such travel, we decided to take a bus from one city to another. Though the bus journey was a rough one, it was compensated by beautiful views. I was enjoying the beautiful views and taking pictures all along.

As the bus picked up speed at a particular point, my husband kept looking back. When I looked at him, he told me that the person sitting behind me had dozed off and that his head was partly outside the window. He then asked the guy sitting next to that person to wake him up. It was only when the person got up, that my husband felt a sense of relief.

Such things happen so very often when somebody has a hand outside the window,  or a girl’s scarf is flying outside the window, a child putting his hand outside etc… They seem small things but if not cared about can lead to accidents.  It is very important that if we notice such things, we inform the person about the potential danger and prevent something wrong from happening. That’s the only thing we as fellow beings can do to save others.

So many people go through life not noticing things happening around them or at times even ignoring such things. The guy sitting next to that person hadn’t noticed it but my husband had noticed because of the position in which he was sitting.  So it was a moral duty on the part of my husband to help the person.

Instead of waiting for somebody else to notice and take action, my husband understood his responsibility and took action.

This experience taught me to be more alert in such situations. What do you think?  Aren’t we all responsible for taking care of and looking out for each other as fellow beings?



P.s. image created using canva.



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