Did I use my diary?

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? The month of January is almost over and I am sure you all have got into practicing your newly formed habits just like me. As I said before, I have decided to be consistent in everything I do this year.

Anyways, last year I wrote a post about how I attracted a diary. At that time, I had written how I had never used a diary or had never made a plan before. I was going to get into the habit of making plans and also follow them to reach my goals. I was also going to update my progress on the same.


I made my calendar, habit trackers, weekly lists and also an achievement list to track the things I accomplished at the end of each month, for a few months. But, I was very irregular in maintaining and tracking my progress with the result that I had incomplete plans, trackers, and lists.

But that is how we learn, isn’t it? If we have never done anything, we need to start somewhere to be able to know where we stand and what we need to do further to achieve our desired result.

So this year, I am motivated to make the calendars and plans on a consistent basis and learn to stick to them. Making plans is easy, the difficult part is to stick to them and that is what I plan to practice. I am starting from the month of February 2019. Let’s see how things go this year.

I find the whole idea of planning and recording very satisfying because they make me feel responsible for my actions and help me make improvements wherever needed. I am learning to plan my activities into small schedules to be able to perform better.

What do you think? What are you doing at the moment to improve yourself?



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