The supermarket line

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? Hope this month goes well for each one of you in terms of your work, personal growth and achievements.


Few days back, I was at the Supermarket to buy a few things. As I scanned the shelves, I found only two items from my list and decided to buy them.

Once I selected the items, I stood in the line at the counter to pay for the items. There were two ladies standing before me, who had few more items than what I had. They looked at me and asked me to go ahead and get my items billed and paid.

I was reluctant to do the same but they kept forcing me to go before them. They said that I had just two items so I should go before them.

I was pleasantly surprised by this. I hadn’t even thought of asking them whether I could go before them. I thanked them with all my heart and came out of the shop as a very happy person.

It was not about getting to go first that was as important as the fact that they voluntarily let me go first. These things rarely happen. Most of the times people request others to let them go first but here they themselves asked me to go first.

These are the random acts of kindness that people do and make others happy. It is a small thing but trust me it feels good to be acknowledged. It feels good to experience such acts of kindness especially when one doesn’t expect them.

Friends, why not go and do something good for someone today?

Also, do let me know if you have experienced something similar.




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