Being an emotional support

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? Since last year my blog has become an important part of my life.  Even when I am not online, I have my mind working on various thoughts and ideas.  There are ideas that I hope to share with you, someday, once I get better at them.

After we returned from our holidays, my husband was a bit unwell. He also had a lot of workload in the office that kept him busy and stressed.

So every now and then he would ask me if things would get better and I would tell him that things would definitely get better very soon. This gave him a sense of confidence and it gave us both a hope for a better future.

What if I would have added more stressful words when he had asked me that question? It would have stressed us both and our home atmosphere would have got spoilt.

I also take similar assurances from my husband or family. I feel confident to face every situation when I get the support from my loved ones.

Think about it friends – how many times people ask their partners, parents or friends whether things would eventually get better? These questions are asked only with the intention of getting some “hope” about a positive change.

It is important that we give hope, courage, and confidence about a positive future when asked so that a person can try to look beyond the present reality (which may be unfavorable).

As we all know, any negative situation can change if a person is able to see and feel positivity and hope in his life.  If this positivity doesn’t come from within that person, it has to come from outside (i.e. through his partner, family or friends).

So the next time somebody needs an assurance about things getting better, give them that assurance. With your assurance that person’s faith will also increase and he/she will work towards his/her goals with confidence.

It is better to be a source of positivity and hope rather than being a source of negativity.

Have you been a source of strength for somebody lately? If yes, be proud of yourself and pat your back. If not, then you can always begin being the positive rock.



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