One act of goodness leads to another!

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I have been reading Pam Grout for some time now.  I was introduced to her blog through her books.  Ever since I have been her follower.

Recently she lost her only daughter, and now she is in the process of realizing her daughter’s dream ” The 222 Foundation”. The 222 Foundation has given its first grant on the 22nd February to Sheroes Hangout, a cafe shop in India.

What is so special about this?

If you really want to know what is special about the whole event, then do check out the link given below. (I am not writing more here, because I want you to experience the entire act of goodness by reading it in the words of Pam herself.)

It is a very inspiring and motivating story.  Some acts of goodness are beyond words to describe.

Let me know your thoughts on the same.



“Love is not a gated community.”—Frank Ostaseki Yes, my friends, it’s finally here. The auspicious date when Taz’s 222 Foundation announces recipient numero uno of its annual $10,222 grant. Sheroes Hangout is an incredibly inspiring café/coffee shop in Agra, India, not far from the Taj Mahal where I left part of Taz’s ashes. I discovered […]

via 222 Forever: A treatise on eternal possibility — Pam Grout

5 thoughts on “One act of goodness leads to another!

  1. healthhotspot9 says:

    Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. It puts my own life into perspective. These women are like the phoenix rising from the ashes. They are exhibiting so much power by turning torture into purpose. The human spirit is stronger than hate and pain. The love they are showing themselves and others is inspiring.

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  2. rashu2015 says:

    Very true! When I read the post, something very strong stirred deep within. It makes me value my life so much more. It is very important that such stories are brought to the notice of younger generations so that they value what they have much more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the same.🙂

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