Thursday chat: on reading your blog posts

Hi friends

How are you all doing? I am doing good as usual.

This is a new series that I started the last week. I felt the need to talk about random things without having to put them into any specific categories.


Last week I had written about how I couldn’t log in into my blog for some time. During that time, I realized that I missed reading blog posts written by other bloggers.

I read a few blog posts every day. I read posts that interest me on a particular day according to my mood. Thus, I read posts on blogging, health, crochet, poetry, short fiction, life stories, etc… (in short anything that interests me).

I love the simple language, the experiences shared, the lessons taught through the blog posts. I feel it is one of the best places to learn if books and classes are not available.

I have learned a lot by reading a few posts every day, on a regular basis.  There have been small improvements in my writing, my lifestyle, my outlook towards life in general etc…

There are so my bloggers writing about the same ideas, but in their own way with their own experiences. Recently, I read something about this in a blog post by Meg Dowell of Novelty Revisions here.

Every blogger has his/her own perspective to share on a particular topic and I really like to read those perspectives.  They help me appreciate my own perspective on those topics.

At times, I read other bloggers to learn something from them and at other times to enjoy the small happy moments shared through their stories

I “like” a post only if I really like the idea and the way it is presented. I “comment” on the posts if I have something to add (i.e. my perspective), or if I appreciate the post, or if something has genuinely helped me and I feel grateful for the same.

Why am I saying this? Just so that you know that your posts are important to me for the “content” that they have.

I don’t “like” and “comment” on your blog just so that you do the same on my blog. I don’t want that to ever happen because your every “like” and every “comment” is important for me as it makes me happy and helps me understand that I make sense to you all.

Thank you for sharing all the knowledge and fun. I really appreciate them.




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