Thursday chat : Thank you for being my friends.

Hi friends,


How are you all doing? I am doing good as usual. I know these lines are repetitive but that’s the intention. 

Isn’t asking about the well-being of friends very natural? Oh wait! Did I just call you all my friends?

How is that possible? We have never met each other, never had long coffee chats or we have never gone for movies together, never partied together, never shared our life stories (well, that’s not completely true) and so on. How can we be “friends” in the usual sense of the word?

When I started this blog, my intention was to share my experiences and learning with “others”. I had no idea who they were. But slowly and steadily people started reading my posts, with every post 1-2 people started following me and now I have more than 100 people in my community.

They are no longer “others” or “people” for me. They have become my friends.

I have met so many like-minded people here, who are not selfish or criticizing (I mean no unhealthy criticism) but very friendly and honest with their thoughts and ideas.

I have formed a strong bond with many of them. I understand their line of thoughts and they understand mine. I, now, know what kind of posts some of my friends write. 

What I mean is every blogger has his/her own style and so when I see his/her name on my Reader, I know what type of posts to expect from him/her.

There are times when I browse through posts by a particular blogger because I want to read more on a particular subject (related to fitness or blogging or poetry or life story or quotes etc…) written by that blogger.

Likewise, if I don’t see a post from a regular blogger, I notice it immediately and look at their other social media accounts to know if they are doing okay.

Let me tell you one incident that made me realize how much I valued my fellow bloggers.

When I started my blog, I just had a friend who read my blog and followed me. Then another blogger followed me, read every post of mine and liked or commented on them. I used to read his wonderful blog on a regular basis as well.

Last year, more than halfway into the year I noticed that he had not been blogging for a couple of months. I started looking at his other social media accounts as well. Then I went into his wife’s social media account and got to know that he had passed away. I was really hurt. I felt as if some close friend had gone.

That was when I realized that I had formed a deep connection with my followers and readers. They were not just my fellow bloggers anymore. Though we have never met physically our thoughts and ideas have met and made us friends. 

I have read many bloggers say that they have been healed out of negative emotions because of their readers and followers who gave unconditional support without judging them.  

I love being a part of this community. I like the fact that we all are together without expecting anything from anybody. We enjoy helping each other and we learn so much from each other.

It is very important that we connect with other bloggers with the intention of learning something from them or appreciating their point of view on the various aspects of life.  Such connections last for a very long time.

Thank you very much for being a part of my journey.



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