Doing my bit…

Dear friends,

How are you all doing?  A very hot summer has started in this part of the world, so staying indoors with a good book or a movie has been of my interest lately.

Today I want to share an incident which happened a few days back.  The important part of that whole incident was my thought process and how I acted based on it.

A few days back I was at the hospital for a routine checkup. I knew I would have to wait for some time and so I took a book with me.

Once at the hospital, I was engrossed in reading my book for almost an hour when a lady came and sat near me. She placed her bags on the seat in-between us. She took out a small water bottle and drank water from it.  She, then, refilled it and placed it back into her plastic bag. When she was putting the bottle back,  I had a feeling that it was going to leak. I didn’t say anything to her though and went back to my reading.

Soon the lady was called by her doctor into his cabin. She began to go into the cabin with all her bags. As soon as she took her bags from the seat next to me,  I noticed water on the whole seat.

I decided to ignore it and thought that somebody would clean it up. But I couldn’t actually ignore it. My inner voice kept pushing me to clean up the seat so that somebody could sit there. The voice was so strong that I couldn’t ignore it.

I took out a tissue from my bag and cleaned up the water. It hardly took me a few seconds and I felt happy about it.

I could very clearly hear my inner voice asking me to do it.  It just kept telling me that if the seat was clean, somebody could sit. It just pushed me to take the tissue out of my bag and do the simple act. If I didn’t have the tissue it was a different thing altogether but I did have the tissue.

I felt really good because soon after, somebody did come and sit on that seat.

It often happens that our inner voice shows us the right thing to do in every situation. It is our choice whether we choose to ignore it or listen to it.  I have always felt my inner voice push me to do certain things or take certain decisions in certain situations and there have been times when I have ignored the voice.

This time, however, I acted on the advice and felt very good doing my small bit instead of waiting for somebody to clean up the mess.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation where your inner voice was so strong that you couldn’t ignore it?



p.s. image created using Canva

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