Good deeds encourage us to do more good.

Hi friends,

I hope you all are doing good as usual. I have been enjoying this first week of 2020 reading a wonderful book, blogging, being with my baby and family. It feels great to start the year on such a positive note.

Good deeds bring us closer to God!

It has been a while since I last shared some acts of goodness with you. So today, I decided to share a few of them. I experienced these during my pregnancy days.

I will list three such incidents below:

1. We had been to IKEA one weekend to look for some furniture. It had been a while since we had last visited, so we decided to walk around and see the new trends. Being pregnant, I couldn’t walk long stretches at a time and eventually got tired. We were almost reaching the end of the shop and so decided to finish it. As we reached the dining tables section, the sales lady saw me standing at a table waiting for my husband, who was checking out some furniture. She pulled the chair from the side of the table and asked me to sit. I was very grateful for the gesture and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.

2. Another incident that I noticed was that every time I waited to cross the road, the drivers understood my situation and gave me a priority to cross the road. They waited patiently until I slowly went across the road.

3. Yet another incident happened when we were at a shopping mall. I wanted to go to the washroom and realized that it was far away from the shop that I was in. I walked all the way to the washroom and as I went inside, I noticed a long queue. As I approached the queue, the ladies let me go to the front. They didn’t want me to wait for my turn. I couldn’t thank them enough for the consideration.

These may seem to be small acts and I am sure they occur all the time, but their value can only be explained by a pregnant woman. The sensitivity of the people makes a pregnant woman feel cared for and valued.

Aren’t these small acts of goodness done by people worth appreciating? Don’t they encourage us to be more sensitive to people and their situations?

Do let me know your thoughts on the same. Do share your experiences as well.



p.s. Photo by mv p from Pexels

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