The idea of unlearning

Hi friends,

Hope you all have been doing good. The month of February is filled with love and positivity. I hope you are enjoying this month and loving yourselves.

This year, I have decided to continue my journey in learning and growth. There are some areas that I intend to focus on, in this year.

Learning has been one of my major interests in the past few years. It need not be a particular subject but about life in general. It has taught me to lead a better life and be a better person.

The most important lesson I learned this year was the idea of unlearning. Unlearning is the art of letting go off our old habits, behaviours and knowledge to give way to new and improved ones.

I realised that I had to unlearn many things in order to inculcate new habits, behaviours and thoughts.

I also realised that I had been practicing unlearning since the time I had decided to bring about a change in myself. For eg., from a non-believer, I became a firm believer in God and his miracles. From a total negative person, I became a 100 percent positive person. (I do have my bad days but now I look for good when something bad happens).

We all know that change is the only constant. Every second we are changing and the world around us is also changing. It is thus possible that what we know and what we have learned may have become irrelevant with the changing time and experiences. Instead of holding on to the old lessons, it’s important to unlearn them to be able to learn the new ones.

Unlearning can happen in any aspect of our lives. When I look back, the biggest unlearning for me was my negative attitude and fear in any situation. When I started working on being more positive, believing in the good, and being grateful for everything that I had, the negativity in me started melting away. Every time I was negative, I noticed it and made an effort to become positive. That was a process of unlearning. I had to unlearn the “negativity” habit to be able to instill “positivity” in me.

Once I became conscious about the idea of unlearning, it became easier for me to let go off the old patterns that weren’t serving me anymore. I could consciously let them go.

It is very important to accept the unlearning process. Instead of feeling sad about the unlearning, we need to feel excited about the learning that’s happening and the new opportunities coming up as a result of all the learning.

If we have to build a new habit, the old one has to be unlearned. The process of practicing a new habit is the process of unlearning the old one.

The idea of unlearning works not just on our habits, but it works on our careers, in any profession, our jobs and life in general.

One area that I plan to unlearn and learn again, this year, is my professional degree. I have to complete my professional degree next year. When I took a break from it, I realised that I had to start the subjects fresh again to be able to build a strong base. I had to unlearn all that I had learned in the past to have a fresh perspective on the subjects.

What are you planning to unlearn?



P.s. image credit Wendy Van from Pexels

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