Sharing our knowledge with the elderly people.

A couple of weeks back, we had a guest at our house. She is a distant relative of my husband and she must be in her seventies.

She had been visiting this part of the world and so my husband and I decided to bring her to our place, to show her our baby and also to take her around, in the city.

We had a good time, we spent the whole weekend with her and the baby also got a lot of granny love.🙂

My husband took her around to see the city and they clicked a lot of photos.

Once back home, my husband sent her all the photos on her WhatsApp number. Since she wasn’t comfortable using her phone, my husband taught her how to check her WhatsApp, how to send and receive messages, how to reply to the messages and so on.

He also taught her how to use the regional language font as she was more comfortable using Malayalam (her regional language) while writing the messages.

Now she is back home. She loved her stay here. She has started using WhatsApp and the regional language font to chat with people.

Why am I writing this here? No, it is not not boast about my husband.

But yes, I appreciate the efforts he took to teach her how to use the smartphone. It took him some time to teach her but in the end she was happy.

I also learnt the lesson that sharing our knowledge and helping the elderly people to adjust with the changing times is the best gift the younger generation can give them, today.

Our elders have taught us so much in life, and now its our turn to help them with the newer things that life offers.

Yes, I appreciate her interest to learn something new as well. She appreciated its use and decided to learn it.

We all help our elders every now and then. I remember doing it myself. I remember my sister doing it for some of our family members as well.

I decided to write about this small act of goodness done and appreciate the younger generation for being sensitive to the needs of the elderly.

So, if you have done this, I appreciate your heart. If you haven’t, you will surely get your chance. 🙂



P.s. Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

©2020 rashu2015, my thoughts and creations, all rights reserved.

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