Grateful for the food that we eat – day 3

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a great day today!

We just finished our dinner and washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen now. The baby is asleep and will now wake up only in the morning.

Just before I had my dinner, I planned the meals for tomorrow. This has been a new routine for me, now.

Earlier, I definitely used to make our meals at home. But we were guilty of ordering food from the restaurants very frequently.

This situation helped us break the above habit and become more conscious about the food that we ate.

I started making our meals regularly. I also started enjoying the process and didn’t miss the restaurant food anymore. I felt more energetic and happy, now that we ate home-cooked meals.

Food, as my Guru says, should be made with love and blessings. The feelings of the person making the food will either enrich or deplete the energy of the food. The energy of the members of the family, consuming the food, will depend directly on the energy of the food.

During this period of fear let us all energise our food with lots of love and prayer (of well-being) to the Divine. Let us enrich our food with love and blessings. Let us eat our food in peace (without watching or hearing the news about the virus or without discussing the wrong happening around us).

I have also been experimenting with different yet easily available local ingredients (the food supply chain has made us dependent on them by making the products from different countries very easily available due to which we end up not trying local products; I am grateful for the supply though). I have also been trying to prevent wastage and spoilage of food items.

So today,

I am grateful to be able to cook healthy food for my family.

I am grateful to be able to reduce wastage.

I am grateful for the excellent food supply chain that makes everything available in every part of the world.

I am grateful to be able to value the things I have been blessed with in this lifetime.

What are you grateful for?



P.s. Photo by One Shot from Pexels

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