Grateful for the “attitude of gratitude” – day 5

Hi friends,

What are you grateful for, today?

These days, every person that I come across either on phone or in a book or in a video or in blog posts talk a lot about gratitude and things that they are grateful for in their lives.

I also talk a lot about it since the time I learnt about it. Why? It has made me a very positive person. Instead of crying about the things that went wrong in my life, I started noticing all the good things that life gave me and began being grateful for it. This brought me a lot of peace and happiness.

There are so many people, whom I love to read or watch on YouTube or talk to on phone, who keep me positive and make me see good in every situation.

Today, I am grateful to every person who has, directly or indirectly, taught me the meaning of gratitude and what it means to be grateful. It has changed my life.

It started with reading The Secret by Rhone Byrne, continued with every self-help book that I read, then our Guru talked about it and so on…

Now, I try to help people be grateful for everything that they have and thereby bring happiness into their lives.



P.s. Photo by Marcus Wöckel from Pexels

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