Grateful for the human connection – day 8

Hi friends,

How was the day today?

I have been at home for few months now, firstly owing to the delivery of our baby and then due to this lockdown.

My husband usually goes to get all the household things and few other urgent things get delivered just by making a phone call.

How convenient life has become for me?

When I think about it, I realise that people are so connected to or rather interdependent on each other. In times like these, we can see how difficult it is to stop the human chain of dependency.

Now, when we stay at home, when we ask our house-helps to stay at their homes and when we try to reduce using many services just to avoid any sort of human interaction, is when we understand how much we are connected to and also dependent on one another.

This lockdown has taught us to value each other a lot more. We now know that each one of us is equally important. We also know the importance of the role played by each one of us in the local (and eventually world) economy.

So today,

I am grateful to every person who has made my life easier.

I am grateful for every service that I have received.

I am grateful to be a part of the local and world economy.



P.s. image taken from Pexels.

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