Grateful for the internet connection- day 9

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a good day today!

I am a stay at home mom and so for me being at home is the usual thing. Yes, at times I do miss the freedom of going out and being with people.

These days, though people have to stay at home still they are connected to one another.

People are working from home, having conversations with old friends and acquaintances, learning new skills and recipes, exercising from the comforts of their homes, watching movies and videos online and for people like me, blogging from any part of the world.

The internet and its wonderful network and connectivity!

Thank God we are so connected to our families even when we are far away from them, physically. A good morning message on WhatsApp from our family members give us an assurance that everything is okay with them.

Just today, I was having a video chat with an aunt of mine and was showing her the baby. She was so happy to see him.

Likewise, talking to our parents daily has become so much easier now. Though they miss holding the baby, but still they can see him grow a bit everyday.

Being at home whole day, I try to learn something new everyday. The internet has been a great source of knowledge for me.

So today,

I am grateful for the wonderful internet connectivity that has literally made the world one large family.

I am grateful to the service providers for the internet service.

I am grateful that during a time like this, just because of internet the world has not stopped completely.



P.s. Photo by clark cruz from Pexels

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