Grateful to have a family of 200 members – day 12

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a great day today!

So recently, I crossed 200 followers on my blog and I received the following notification from WordPress.

I cannot tell you how happy I feel when I see that people do relate to my words and thoughts.For someone, who had been very low on confidence once, this has been a major achievement.

I started this blog five years back without knowing what blogging was, with a doubt about being able to express my thoughts, not knowing whether it would be read by anyone and so on.

I started this blog because I wanted to spread some positivity. I wanted to have something of my own – a space that belonged to my thoughts and words. Along with this, I also wanted to practice my writing skills.

Till date, except for my sister, none of my family members or friends (except Gargi) know that I write a blog. This blog is my little secret.

That is why having 200 followers is all the more special. They are people who can relate to my thoughts and understand my writing. This gives me immense confidence to write more and share my positive thoughts and lessons with this world.

So today,

I am grateful to each one of you for reading my blog posts and following me. I cannot thank you enough for the confidence you give me.

I am grateful to my friend, Gargi and my sister for supporting me in this endeavor.

I am grateful for all the positive lessons that I have learnt through my experiences.

I am grateful to WordPress for being this wonderful and open platform for newcomers.

More later.



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